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Awe of God Toolbox: XV

The siddur is another tool for developing awe.  Listen to this.  This is what we say in the morning.  This was always…especially when you’re depressed, this was a great way to start

the morning!

“Always let a person be God-fearing privately and publicly.  Acknowledge the truth, speak the truth within his heart, rise early and proclaim, ‘master of all worlds, and Lords of all lords, not in the merit of our righteousness we cast out our supplications before You, but in the merit of Your abundant mercy.  What are we?  What is our life?  What is our kindness?  What is our righteousness?  What is our salvation?  What is our strength?  What is our might? What can we say before you God of our forefathers?  Are not the heroes like nothing before you?  The famous are as they never existed?  The wise as if devoid of wisdom? And the perceptive as if devoid of intelligence?  Most of their deeds are desolate and the days of their lives are empty before you.  Preeminence of man over beast is nonexistent for all is vain.”

Isn’t that a nice way to start the day?  I remember saying to my father during moments of severe depression, feeling like I didn’t want to say it.  He said, “I don’t understand.  Where’s the problem?  Read the next line: “Except for the pure soul that is destined to give justification and reckoning before the throne of Your glory.”  So if you appreciate that which is truly important you will have to give judgement.  You go from “I am nothing,” and appreciate that that is the insignificance.   Then you understand that your significance comes only from God.  How you treat that which comes from God is what matters.  That’s where the significance is.

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