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Awe of God Toolbox: I

Awe or Yirah, related to the word, Yir’ah, meaning ‘to see.’  But first, you must realize that, even more than the previous four Mitzvot, there is an internal conflict within yourself to fight against it.  There is a stronger barrier against this mitzvah than all others.  That is because people identify awe of God with feeling insignificant.  There are a number of reasons for this: One, it’s painful.  You feel insignificant.  Someone is bossing you around.  That’s not pleasure, that’s painful. 

Second, it is limiting.  If I really accept being in awe of God, forget it.  Life’s not going to be any fun anymore!  What am I going to be able to do?  I will always be thinking about my insignificance. 

Third, I lose my autonomy. And fourth, It’s degrading.  People have different ways of looking at it, but usually it is one of these four. 

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