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Ashrei 1

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to pray to One Who hears and has the power to answer. Our good fortune should translate into compassion to all that God has created, because He continues to look after it and care about it.



“I wish I could express how much I love you.” It is difficult to find words to adequately express intense love. This psalm is a vision of individuals and community finding the appropriate words to express their love of God and describe what they understand about Him. A prayer that is arranged according the alphabet allows us to express every sound that can be made by the human throat in order to praise of God.


The most fundamental need of a human being has is to feel that someone cares about him. This is something we all share. God makes sure that everyone of us has enough so that we all feel that someone—God—cares about us.


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We are fortunate to be able to pray.


How well can I say “I love You?”


God cares for us.



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