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Asher Yatzar: The Miracle of Our Bodies

The creation of the human being was done with the most astounding wisdom. Our bodies function. We filter our food and drink. We rid ourselves of poisons and waste. The body can open to release what is filtered out and yet all that must remain inside, does.



This blessing not only celebrates the functioning of our body is also celebrates the process of conception and the months spent in-utero as we develop.


We go beyond our miraculous beginnings and the miracle of our physical functioning. We celebrate the combination of the physical body with a spiritual creation; the soul. The space shuttle Columbia couldn’t dock on the space station Mir unless there was a place for it to dock. How do you get a soul to dock on the body? That’s the wonder referred to in the blessing of Asher Yatzar.


ToolsTool Box #5.


Appreciate the miracle of a functioning body.


I am a combination of Body and Soul.


I was formed to function in the world, not to hide from it.


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