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Asher Yatzar: 5

One should take account of his soul concerning the greatness of God’s beneficence to him, manifested in the composition of his physical body in the perfection of its form and its specific human kind in the shaping of his limbs. Having been brought forth from his mother’s womb by God’s powers, Blessed be He, and in the fact that before that event and after it, nourishment suitable to him and the measure needed was provided by the grace of God for him. You should also reflect that if at the beginning of his earthly existence he had lacked eyes, hands, or feet and someone who was capable of supplying these organs so that his body should be whole and complete had done so. How much would he be drawn to fulfill the latter’s commands and obligations? How closely would he attach himself to his service? Similarly, a human being should be drawn near to his Blessed Creator who fashioned his body, completed all his limbs, and fit them together. A person has to appreciate all the gifts that God gave him.



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