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Morning Blessings: Ari HaKodesh: Asher Yatzar: Adam

The Ari taught (Kavanot) that the number of words in this blessing correspond to the numerical value of ‘Adam’ – 45.

“Adam, ki yakriv mikem” – “When a man among you brings an offering” (Leviticus 1:2) Our verse uses Adam, which is also the name of the Primal Human Being, to imply that just as Adam did not bring stolen animals as offerings, since the whole world was his, so too no one may serve God with anything acquired dishonestly. (Rashi)

Our Sages taught that in order for someone to be completely free of the sin of stealing, they must acknowledge all the good they have received from God’s constant and consistent kindness. (Devarim Rabbah 2)

Asher Yatzar reminds us of the miraculous functioning of the human body, and therefore helps us achieve the status of “Adam”, hence the number of words.

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