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An Uncomfortable Conversation: Part Two

There was no way she would allow people to pray for her precious baby to die! (See ‘An Uncomfortable Conversation: Part One’) She read every newspaper published in Israel from beginning to end. She watched the BNN all day, and listened to the all-news station on the radio. Then, one day, it happened:

Someone was sentenced to exile in one of the Cities of Refuge for having killed accidentally. She packed a food basket, rented a car and drove straight for the city.

When she arrived, she was surprised to learn that the guards at the city gates were expecting her. “The Kohen Gadol’s mother always comes. Your mother-in-law used to come all the time with giant fruit baskets.”

They gave her directions to the man’s apartment. She was nervous. She was sure that the man wanted to return home and was already praying for her son to die.

She thrust the fruit basket into his arms, and said, “Take this as a gift. I’ll keep on bringing you baskets as long as you don’t pray for my son to die.”

“Don’t you think I have had enough death already? I don’t want your son to die.”

“Don’t you want to return to your family?”

“My family is here with me. They even sent my Rebbi with me to teach me while I am in exile. No, I need this time away from my previous life.”

“Isn’t it my son’s lack of merit that got you here? He’s a good boy, not perfect, but a good boy.”

“No. Your son’s lack of merit would not explain why God let it happen that I killed someone. It was my own lack of merit. But, you can keep on bringing the baskets. My kids love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, almost as much as my Rebbi loves them!”

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