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Hallel: Alter of Kelm: Blessing From The House of God

“Blessed be he who comes in the Name of God. We bless you from the House of God.” The Alter of Kelm derives from this verse that only one who already has committed himself to the

Name of God before entering the Temple is blessed from the House of God, for he has prepared himself to greet God.

What one does before entering the Temple, what one does before starting to pray, what one does before lighting the Shabbat candles, what one does before any meeting with the Infinite, will determine how one will be impacted by the experience.

One who “comes in the Name of God” is someone who is ready to be transformed, who is open to expand his perception of reality, who is eager to access a higher state of existence. If this is how we step into the House of God, then our quest will be answered with blessings emanating from the House of God.

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