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Alshich HaKodesh: Vayeitzei: The Foundation Stone

“And he poured oil on its head.” (Genesis 28:18) Yaakov called only the site, which had been temporarily, transplanted Beit El – The House of the Ultimate Power. He called the top of the ladder ‘Gateway to Heaven’ and the bottom of the ladder he called Beit Elokim – The House of the Lord. (Alshich HaKadosh, Genesis 28:18, translated by Eliyahu Munk.)

The Alshich holds that the Even Hashetti’a is the meeting place of Beit El, Sha’ar Hashamayim, and Beit Elokim. It is the meeting point of the Ultimate Power – the Source of our strength, the Lord – Individual Providence and Judge – and the Gate of Heaven – through which our efforts here reach and influence the Upper Worlds. (See Mei Marom Vayeitzei: Joining Worlds)

The moments when we are able to connect all three of these concepts are expressions of the Even Hashetti’a.

Use “Hashem Elokeinu” to connect with the Attribute of Elokim, “Ezrat Avoteinu” – “The Helper of our forefathers,” – to connect with “Kail”, and the three steps forward before the Amidah to enter the Sha’ar Hashamayim, so that you can connect with the Even Hashetti’a when davening.

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