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Shema- “Al levavecha”- Impression

The Aish Kodesh explains how when one experiences a great moment in prayer or Torah study, the light that one draws leaves an impression on the person. He compares it to the mark that the tip of a fountain-pen makes on the paper. Even when the ink fades away, the indentation


of the letters that were shaped remains.


The person is then left with a sense of “hachna’a”, humbleness, a direct result of the awe he or she felt at the unbelievable opportunity that was gifted to them.


We say in the Shema: “v’hayu had’varim ha’ele asher anochi metzavecha hayom AL l’vavecha”, “and these matters that I command you today upon your heart”. They are not simply to be recited or observed; they are to be engraved on the very fabric of your heart. They are to make a Reshimus, an impression on your entire being.


It is only then that “v’shinantam l’vanecha”, that you can teach your children.


A real teacher is someone whose learning and praying have made their mark on their very essence, like a pen tip on a piece of paper.


When one can feel blown away- yet humbled- by a moment of intense connection with God, when one understands that it was a gift, and looks forward to the opportunities that are yet to come, then one can start teaching.

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