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Al Hanissim: Lechem Rav

Many ask why we thank God for the wars we fought. I believe that we can apply the Alshich on the verse, “The Shield of your help, Who is the sword of your grandeur.” (Deuteronomy 33:29) When Joshua fought the battle of Ai, he

used strategies and did not simply approach with a miracle. This was God allowing Israel to win a battle, seemingly through natural strength, in order that their enemies would fear Israel’s strength and abilities. God is “The Shield of our strength,” but He does so as, “The sword of our grandeur,” allowing us to feel and be perceived as winning the battle on our own.

This is why we thank God for the battles: He helps us win the battles with a sense of accomplishment and victory that can be our own.

It is up to us to acknowledge His role and guidance. (Lechem Rav page 365)

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