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Akeidat Yitzchak: Fasting Tools

The purpose of the fast and the discomfort to be experienced, is to make the need for such a day redundant, as we read in Isaiah 58:3-14, God wishes that He could replace all fast days with days of rejoicing. (Zechariah 8:18-19)


The fasting itself is no accomplishment.

Also, fasting is not in order to attain our requests from God, but to cleanse us of our sins, which we committed because of the enjoyment that indulging in such sins has afforded us. Compensating with discomfort for comfort obrtained illegally previously, does not constitute any entitlement on our part.

The word Tzom – fast – derives from the root Tzimtzum – self-limitation – can have three meanings when applied to a person. This restriction can apply to all three parts of a person, his physical functions, his emotional functions and his intellectual functions. (Akeidat Yitzchak, Gate 63)


Fasting is a gift from God.

Apply to all three levels: Physical, emotional and intellectual.

Practice self-limitation in interactions with other people n the fast day.


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