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Aish Da’at: Vaeira IV

“This time I have sinned. God is the Righteous One, and I and my people are the wicked ones. Entreat God  – there has been an overabundance of Godly thunder and hail.” (Exodus 9:27-28)

The Zohar (Volume II 52b) teaches that the same mouth the said, “Who is God that I should listen to Him?” now is forced to say, “God is the Righteous One.” (68a) The mouth that said, “I don’t know of God,” was forced to acknowledge God.

Pharaoh was willing to acknowledge God’s power as Elokim. He could not comprehend of God as the Being Who gives existence to all things. However, once he understood God’s reality, he understood that God does not need Judgments to impose His Will. Therefore, when Pharaoh acknowledges God, he also feels comfortable asking for compassion.

Moshe responds, “The thunder will cease and the Hail will be no more, in order that you know that the earth is God’s.” However, “You have yet to achieve true awe of God and you will change your mind. I will stop the plague so that you will see God in His compassion, but more plagues will follow until your awareness and awe of God are complete.” (Ba’eir Moshe – Vaeira 24)

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