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Adon Olam

Master of the Universe
The Midrash describes an interesting question and answer between a student and his rabbi on the topic of prayer: “Why are so many prayers unsuccessful?” asked the student. The rabbi answered; “Because people do not know to Whom they pray.”
It makes sense to say that we must know to Whom we pray in order for our prayer to succeed. Who is God? What is God? Isn’t God unknowable?
Adon Olam is a review of basic ideas about God, principles that are necessary to keep in mind when we pray.
Abraham was the first to describe God as Master of the Universe. He was the first to understand that God’s rule was not limited to the mysterious heavens, unreachable for those on earth. Abraham understood that when we acknowledge God we actually coronate Him as King of this world. We play a significant role in establishing God’s rule, here, on earth. It is those who develop a real relationship with God who bring His Presence to this world.
Abraham introduced the idea of a reciprocal relationship with the Creator. The phrase “Adon Olam” reminds us of Abraham’s accomplishment. It reminds us that we must pray as one half of a two-way relationship.
The Name of God, YHVH, represents; “He was, He is and He will be.” God is eternal, beyond time. God is Being. God is existence. We desire to attach to true existence and being. Our prayers are an expression of that desire.
This prayer states that we exist as expressions of God’s Will. That will is expressed in love as God provided all the needs of human beings before creating them. He cares for us. Our prayers are effective because of that love and care.
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God “desires” that we exist.
We should never hesitate to ask God to help. Simply asking acknowledges that He has the power to respond, and that He listens!
God provided all the needs of a human being before creating the primal human.

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