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Adon Olam: The Rope

In the prayer of Adon Olam, we say: “v’tzur chevli be’eit tsara”, often translated as “Rock of my pain in times of distress”, or, ‘chevli’ can be translated as ‘my portion’. However, the world ‘chevel’ can also mean ‘rope’.

I picture myself as having my own rope anchored to the “Rock” of God’s strength.
In times of distress, I know I am safely attached to the Source of protection and the Source of salvation.

Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed with anguish, we panic and try to take control of the events that are causing us to suffer.

It is up to us to visualize the Rock to which our rope is secured, and, instead of pulling and tugging, to allow ourselves to be lifted up into the shelter of God’s embrace.

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