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Adar: Vayaged Yaakov

The 2nd of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Yechezkiya (ben Moshe) Grunwald of Pupa, author of Vayaged Yaakov (1941). Son of the Arugas Habosem, Reb Yaakov Yechezkiya studied under his father until his marriage. In 1929, Rav Yaakov Yechezkiya was chosen as Rav of Pupa, Hungary. He established a yeshiva there which soon numbered 300 students. Rav Yaakov Yechezkiya’s son, Rav Yosef Grunwald, succeeded his father in 1951.


Adar is the month of Teshuva mei-Ahavah – Resturning to God in love, as they did in the Purim story.This is why this month is one of Marbim b’Simcha, increasing our happiness, in restoring our loving connection with God. Our empshasis on all Mitzvot, prayers and study during this month, especially those unique to Purim, should be performed as an expression of Teshuvah me-Ahavah. (Yayaged Yaakov; Adar)

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