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Adar Joy-The Joyous Song of Torah

Every branch of wisdom has its own singular song and melody, and that melody is reserved for that wisdom. And from the song is derived its wisdom. Even the wisdom of heresy has its own special song and melody.


The greater the degree of wisdom, the more sublime its melody, and so on, from level to level, all the way up to the first point of Creation, which is the beginning of Atzilut, than which there is nothing higher. Nothing surpasses that wisdom save the light of the Ein Sof which surrounds the Great Void and which contains all of creation and wisdom. But the wisdom that is bathed in the light of the Ein Sof is imponderable and ineffable, for the Ein Sof is God Himself, and His wisdom is beyond all comprehension.

Nothing exists in those realms other than faith, the faith in Him and that His Infinite Light surrounds and envelops all the worlds. Faith too has its unique song and melody. Thus, just as idol worshipers sing their songs in their houses of worship, so does their misguided faith in their idols have its own song. So, in reverse, is it with the whole being; every article of faith has its own song. In the song that applies to the faith in the light of the Ein Sof which encompasses all the worlds, the faith that is higher than all forms of wisdom and articles of faith, is likewise higher than all songs and melodies in the world. And all the songs and melodies of all the forms of wisdom derived from that supernal song and melody. (Likkutei Moharan I 64:5)

Express the joy of Adar in singing while studying Torah, while praying, and while performing any mitzvah. Intended that your joyous Adar song express the highest form of faith; that which is connected to the Ein Sof.

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