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Adar Joy-Slonim-Poor Merchandise

The 28th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai Kastelanitz of Lecovitz, the father of the Slonim Chassidic dynasty: “Sorrow is a poor piece of merchandise, both in this world and in the Next; ‘Shechorah is a shlechte sechorah.” (Ohr Yesharim, page 10)


A lumber dealer shipped a load of wood down the river and much of it was lost. He expressed his grief to the Rebbe, Rav Mordechai of Lecovitz. “Do you not know that the Divine Presence participates in everyone’s sorrows? Is it then worthy of you to bring sorrow to the Divine Presence for the loss of some lumber? (miDor Dor, page 251).

Although this is the final posting our Adar Joy series, we have no sorrow as we look forward to the two special series on Nisan- Fighting The Fire of Anger, and Perfecting Our Speech.

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