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Adar Joy-Fixing Our Distress

The 17th of Adar is the Yahrzteit of Rav Yitzchak (ben Avraham Yaakov) Friedman of Boyan, founder of the Boyaner Chasidim, author of Pachad Yitzchak (1849-1917). He was the third son the Sadigurer Rebbe. He was also a grandson of the Ruzhiner (from His father) and a grandson of the Beis Aron of Karlin (from His mother).


The Rhizhiner taught: We read, “Nevertheless He looked upon their distress, when He heard their cry of gladness (Psalms 106:44).” This may be explained as follows: It is often easy to recognize a person’s distress by the measure of his gladness. If a person rejoices because he has earned a single coin, we may discern thereby how poor he is. If he is joyful because his punishment has been suspended, we may know thereby how greatly he feared imprisonment.” (Esser Orot, page 133)

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