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Acquiring Torah 47: Ramchal: Derech Eitz Hachaim XIII

You know, of course, that the world rests on the utterance of children’s mouths. Since the Torah gets weaker at times and stronger at times, weakening among mankind owing to sinners and, particularly, the mixed multitude within Israel, as is stated in the Tikkunim, the Holy One, Blessed is He, has made their utterance, in which there is no sin, into a foundation of the Torah; and the Torah grows stronger through it, since it has been long prepared for the very purpose of extending the power of the Torah, as mentioned above.


Accordingly, “founded” in “Through the mouths of babies and sucklings have You founded strength,” relates to the actual laying of the foundation, “on account of Your foes,” refers to the mixed multitude, “to put a stop to an enemy,” means the suspension of the Other Side’s activity, and “an avenger,” hints at the mystery of the Serpent, which takes revenge and bears a grudge, for since the Serpent’s legs were cut off, as we are told in, “You shall walk when your belly (Genesis 3:14),” it tries to take revenge by pursuing the legs; the reason for the reason for the Rabbis’ knees weakening (Berachot 6a). It involves the mystery of the upper legs supporting the body upon which depends the Torah’s supporting power, whereby it is held firm so that it does not totter, through the mystery of, “And those who supported shall be kept erect (Proverbs 3:18).”

Thus we find the Serpent pursuing the legs in order to deprive the Torah of its support, for the Serpent is the falsehood that does not prevail while the Torah is the truth that prevails. The Serpent desires to take revenge by preventing the Torah from having a support in Israel so that it might depart and be forgotten among them. The utterance of children’s mouths constitutes an effective remedy, for they are actually involved in those upper legs called, “Children under Instruction,” as is explained in the Zohar, they are the supporters of truth within the mystery of “truth prevailing.” Such is the meaning of, “to put a stop to an enemy and avenger.” (Ramchal; Derech Eitz Hachaim XIII)

A child’s innocent words, expressed in wholehearted truth is the ultimate weapon against the Serpent, who can find his “legs,” only through the “mixed multitude,” the observance without connection, the words of prayer expressed without feeling, and the learning without a sense of Torah’s truth.

The Torah’s strength can be found in those who study and observe as “innocent children,” as, “Children under instruction,” as a child excited by the possibilities of a life permeated by Torah (Zohar I, Miketz).

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