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Acquiring Torah 34: Unification

Rabbi Shimon said: When a person rises at midnight and gets up and studies Torah till daylight, and when the daylight comes he puts on Tefillin with the Holy Seal on his head and his arm, and covers himself with a Tallit, and as he issues from the door of his home he passes the Mezuzah containing the imprint of the Holy Name on the post of his door, then four holy angels join him and issue with him from the door of his house and accompany him to the synagogue and proclaim before him, “Give honor to the image of the Holy King, give honor to the son of the King, to the precious countenance of the King.’


A holy spirit rests on him and proclaims, “Israel in whom I will be glorified (Isaiah 49:3),” and then ascends aloft and testifies concerning him before the Holy King.

Then the Most High King orders the names of all the children of His palace, of all those that acknowledge Him, to be written before Him, as it says, “And it was written in the book of remebrance before him, for those who feared God and pondered His name (Malachi 3:16).” The word Choshvei, that pondered, can also be taken in the sense of “making designs,” designs of the Tefillin with their compartments, their straps and their writing; designs of the Tallit with their threads and the thread of Techeilet; and designs of the Mezuzah, all for the sake of God’s Name.

God then glorifies in them and proclaims through all the worlds: See what My son has done in My world!” (Zohar III, vaEtchanan 265a)

Our Torah study must be connected to all that we do; Tallit, Tefillin, Mezuzah, etc. Once we connect our learning not only in practicing what we observe, but in understanding more about each Mitzvah, we connect all the worlds and all the angels and Transcendental Forces. Torah study is to unify our actions and thoughts, the Upper and Lower worlds, and all of creation.

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