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Acharei Mot: Vilna Gaon: B’chol Eit

“V’Al Yavoi B’Chol Eit El HaKodesh” do not come any time you desire in to the Kodesh HaKodashim (Acharei Mos 16:2).  The gemara in Ketubot (50a) asks on the pasuk (Tehilim 106:3), “Ashrei Shomrei Mishpat Oseh Tzedaka B’Chol Eit,” how can a person give Tzedaka, “B’Chol Eit” at all times?  The gemara answers that this refers to someone who supports his young children.  That is called Tzedaka B’Chol Eit.

There was once a man who refused to give tzedaka.  He excused himself based on the above gemara that he supported his children, which is tzedaka B’Chol Eit.  Why should I give to others as well, he asked?  It is said that the Vilna Gaon answered him, “V’Al Yavoi B’Chol Eit El HaKodesh”.  True supporting you children is Tzedaka B’Chol Eit, however the Torah warns us that with this tzedaka only, we will not attain any level of kedusha and we will not be admitted into the Kodesh.

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