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Abudirham: Chanukah

The Abudirham’s Siddur was first published in Lisbon, Kislev 22, 1489.  There are three things that if placed above 20 Amot – cubits – are not-kosher: 1) An Eruv, 2) Chanukah candles, and 3) a Succah.

Each is hinted to in a verse: “They have come for shelter under my roof,” (Genesis 19:8) hints at Eruv. The Eruv must be placed where it can offer shade, which is at a maximum height of less than 20 Amot.

“And there will be a Succah as a shade from heat in the daytime,” (Isaiah 4:6) the Succah, too, must not be so high that it does not offer shade.

“This was the dedication of the Altar, on the day,” – biyom – which counts as B Y V M, or the number Twenty. (Abudirham: The Order For Lighting The Chanukah Candles)

Can you find the connection between the three laws?

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