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Aaron The Builder

Aaron’s is the first visit of the Seven Guests to which I look forward without any nerves. He was the one who would look at a petitioner bringing a Sin Offering with only love and respect, not judging the man for his sin, but seeing only the person who wanted to repair. I can face Aaron even in my jittery Succah knowing that he will see it as majestic, filled with Hod.

I want to form a special invitation to him, so I examine the moment when Moses invited him to assume his role as Kohen Gadol, completing the dedication of the Mishkan. I’m not sure it will work, but I sing out, playing on Leviticus 9:7, “Come near to my Succah and elevate it with your presence and bring atonement for us!”

It worked! Aaron appears with a huge smile on his face.

“A little dramatic, but a lovely invitation. I heard from your earlier visitors that you want to join The Society of Builders. Why did you invite a Kohen?”

“I invited you because it was only after you blessed the people that the Divine Fire appeared and completed the Mishkan. You were the one who completed the building.I invited you so you can teach me how to complete my Succah.”

“It looks a little shaky, but it’s kosher. Why do you think it’s incomplete?”

“Because, I am incomplete.”

“So was I when I blessed the people just before the Divine Fire appeared. I was certain that the fire had not appeared because of my sin with the Golden Calf. It was my moving forward in the service despite my feeling incomplete, the true power of Hod, that allowed me to, as you say, complete the building,” he said as he faded away.

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