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A Treasure Hunt: An Invitation & Challenge

Where shall I go? Shall I search for my new gadget on EBay or go on a quest in New York City, where you can find almost everything that you can find on the web, but with a greater sense of adventure?

My children, when they were younger, loved going on “adventures” in the City. They hated the schlep, but the promise of a special treat, an abundance of which exist in New York, usually won the day. We would turn the day into a treasure hunt. We would have a contest of who would be the first to find the strange object of our expedition. We found unique boxes that we, actually Debbie, would transform into a Thank You Machine – often called a Tzedaka (Charity) box in the vernacular. An old lamp was soon converted into a Chanukah menorah. A 100-year-old pillowcase became a Tallit bag, and an old tablecloth became a magnificent Challah cover.

The adventure did not end when we found the object of our search. We would stand around and watch with awe as Debbie worked her alchemy and produced her miracles. The thrill over her creativity more than matched the joy of the hunt.

I have been ill for a few weeks and hesitate to go outside. I was desperate for an adventure. EBay was so insulted by the opening of this blog that they would not allow me to use them for my explorations. (Some people!) I decided to go to a place even more fun than New York City: this week’s portion: Bereishit with the stories of creation, the Garden in Eden, the big sin, Cain and Abel, the Cain’s death and the quick downfall of humanity. There are more stories in these few chapters than there are in Manhattan.

My heart was set on a treasure hunt, so that’s what it was: How many of our daily blessings could I find in Bereishit?

Care to join me? (I found 19 so far.)

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