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Prayer Skills: A Principle of the Meiri

Transcribed and prepared by Chava Janovsky: Yesod from Meiri

This yesod

from Meiri is mind-blowing from Perush in Gemara in Brachos: He says: “I have seen people who are hesitant to daven because they feel: ‘who am I to ask Hashem for this or for that? – who am I?’


It is ridiculous to approach prayer with that attitude; the fact that you are davening before the Ribono Shel Olam… to ask is acknowledgment that He has the power. And the fact that you are willing to stand before Him and acknowledging He has the power gives you the right to ask for everything EVERYTHING.

And the more you ask for, the more and the greater the acknowledge of the power of Hashem.

So what are we davening for when say – “ata chonane l’adam daas”? We are davening for everything; that we should all have daas, bina, hashkale. That everyone should have daas, bina, ALL OF US _

Everyone has little things that are confusing them and it should all go away. We should have absolute clarity in everything learn: every halacha, gemorrah, every tefillah we say, every page.

We should be able to understand the deepest sequence of it. This is what I want. I wont’ be happy if everyone here knows more than I do. If we are all Moshe Rabbenus, then I will accept it.

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