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A Patience Walk

Feeling overwhelmed, I decided to take a “Patience Walk.” I specifically wanted to teach myself to find inner calm no matter the circumstances, so I chose to walk on a busy stretch of 5th Ave in New York City. Everyone else was in a rush, New York natives and tourists, walking quickly, dancing the NY Shuffle to swiftly move around any idiot daring to walk at a slower pace. Their steps were fast and determined, guided by a mental GPS. Most hands were in the “Briefcase” mode, clenched as if clutching a briefcase. The noise, speed and motion directly contradicted my Patience Walk, but were perfect for my objective: “Could I create a sense of pace for myself even under such circumstances?”

I didn’t want anyone to curse out the looney Jew who was talking a stroll down 5th Ave when they were in a rush, so I wore a baseball cap. I began my quest just in front of FAO Schwarz and began to stroll downtown. I was determined to walk straight ahead without shifting gears and avoiding other pedestrians.

It demanded great effort to not walk like a New Yorker, and took about two blocks to settle in. It was a miracle! People avoided me; I didn’t have to move around anyone. I felt a sense of inner peace, calm and patience, settle in as I strolled. I felt as if I had a forcefield protecting me from the rough energy of the other pedestrians.

It was interesting to observe that as I calmly waited for the traffic lights and just looked around me enjoying the scenery, people stood next to me and began to relax as they too looked around. I even received a few smiles on each block, as if others picked up my sense of calm.

I began to wonder whether patience could be as infectious as the usual tension of the NY sidewalks. It was great.

Then my phone rang.

Oh well!

I still felt calm under I returned home where my sister-in-law had come to visit with her husband and two dogs. My Patience Walk was easier than coming home.

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