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A Look Inside

Looking In “The world always looks straight ahead, as for me, I turn my gaze inward. I fix it there and keep it busy. Everyone looks in front of him, as for me, I look inside of me.” Michael de Montaigne.

I think of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, with its increasing levels of sanctity, as an inward gaze, that pulls our attention deeper and deeper into the inside of life and existence. Only when we can see into the deepest parts of our souls will we find the Shechina – the Divine Presence – that lies there at the core. Even if we cannot see past the final curtain, the one that separates the Holy of Holies from the Holy, we will at least glance at the part of our own souls that is beyond our imagination.

The Mishkan traveled. It moved from one place to another, just as we move and changed, as we say in the Shema, “when you travel on the way.” The Mishkan is our look inside and inward as we move forward in life.

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