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A Lesson In How To Sing A Blessing

My wife wasn’t home this morning when I woke up. I was about to sing my morning blessings when she returned home. She went to the supermarket in order to make my favorite cake for me to eat over Shabbat. What a warm and magnificent feeling! Someone loves me so much that she is constantly thinking of me and finding new ways to spoil me. I was overwhelmed.
I took that feeling of having someone care so much for me, love me and think of me and incorporated it in my morning blessings. God loves me enough to give me the gift of His directions in life – Mitzvot. God gave me a multi-level soul, and a Torah with which to access all levels. God gave me brains to draw distinctions, and ears to hear and, if I so choose, listen. He gave me eyes, clothes, a, somewhat, functioning spine. I have feet and shoes. I am alive and awake.
I was flying with joy and the feeling of loving the fact that Someone, besides my wife, constantly cares for me.
It wasn’t just a cake: It was a lesson in how to Sing a Blessing!

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