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A Leader's Spirit



What happened?
“So Moses spoke to the Children of Israel, but they did not heed Moses, because of shortness of breath and hard work.”

What did Moshe “speak” to them? Was it God’s lesson in history and theology at the beginning of the portion? Of course they didn’t listen! They are too busy collecting straw, making bricks and working without any break. Who had time to listen to a class on history and God’s Attrubutes?

By the way, I also wouldn’t listen. Things have only gotten worse since you appeared on the scene with your signs and promises.

The verse does not say that they did not listen to Moses because they were angry, but because of “shortness of breath and hard work”; what human beings! Doesn’t the verse imply that they would have listened to him if they could?

Why did they not listen?

I don’t think that I would translate “Kotzer Ruach” as shortness of breath.

Ruach means spirit. The Torah is offering us insight into Moses and the people he would redeem.

Imagine for a moment what Moshe felt as he approached the people so soon after the recent disaster: God did not instruct him to speak to the people. Moshe went of his own volition. He knows that he is in trouble. How can he overcome what happened? What could he say? Moshe’s spirit was broken; he was hesitant when he approached them. “They did not listen because of “Kotzer Ruach” Moshe’s spirit was certainly not peaking.

People will not listen to a leader or teacher who speaks to them with “kotzer ruach” a limited spirit, with hesitation.

There is more…I am working on it

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