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A "Holy" Thief

Debbie baked all sorts of special treats for Succot, for family, friends and customers. She organized all the beautiful packages on the dining room table and left for a few minutes to answer the phone. When she returned to the dining room, all the pastries were gone. The thief left crumbs all over the table, benches and rug. (Besides being a thief, he was an inconsiderate slob!

Who was to blame?

“Simcha! How could you? I worked so hard and they will kill you with their gluten! Not that you don’t deserve to die for stealing all the pastries and making a pre-Yom Tov mess!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“My pastries. You ate all of them.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Who else….Ohhhhhh! Pip!”

Lo and behold, there were dog hairs all over the table. Our sweet, obedient dog is a thief! (We already knew that he is a slob.) The shame of it!

I don’t understand him; he will not even attempt to enter the Succah, because he knows that it is a holy place, where dogs do not belong. He is what people call a “Frum” dog. He won’t enter the living room when there are Torah scrolls there. He will not enter the dining room during a Shabbat meal. He insists on eating Challah on Shabbat. All this, and he’s still a thief?

He will not enter the Succah even if there are pastries on the table just waiting to be stolen. He belongs in one of Reb Shlomo zt”l’s stories as a Holy Thief.

There is something powerful about a Succah, something even Pip the Thief can sense.

Can we?

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