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A Coded Tweet

From the Camp of The Children of Israel in the Plains of Moab – The BNN reports: The entire camp of the Children of Israel is buzzing today about a Tweet sent from the White Tent announcing, “Moses will begin his farewell address from the Wilderness, in the Aravah, between Paran and Tophel, and Laban and Chatzeirot and Di-Zahav.”

People are wondering how Moses will speak from the Wilderness if the nation is camped out in the Plains of Moab. Where is Aravah? The BNN has searched through its records and has not found any place named Tophel, Laban, Chatzeirot, or Di-Zahav. Commentators all over the Web are offering theories about this strange tweet, and the White Tent is refusing to comment. Moshe Rabbeinu’s spokesman, Rabbi Yehoshua, was overheard saying, “People will figure it out.”

One thing is certain: The Tweet has everyone thinking about Moshe’s farewell address. The Moab Times is offering an air-conditioned tent to the person who successfully decodes the Tweet.

Crowds gathered around Rashi’s tent as he offered his explanation: “Each place alludes to one of our sins of the past. “Wilderness,” refers to people complaining in the Wilderness of Sin that they had bee led into the desert to starve. (Exodus 16:1-3) “Tophel and Laban,” allude to complaints about the Manna, and “Di-Zahav” refers to the Golden Calf.

Rabbi Onkelos debated Rashi over the meaning of “Aravah,” with Rashi insisting that it is the name of a particular place, and Rabbi Onkelos explaining that it too is a coded message about the sin with the Midianite women.

The White Tent has posted Rashi’s explanation on its Facebook page. Rumor has it that Rashi has refused to accept the prize from the Moab Times.

It is clear that the Tweet has caught everyone’s attention. All the camp shuttle clouds are booked. It seems that absolutely everyone will be there for Moshe’s speech.

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