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Psalms of Moshe: 94:1: Baal Shem Tov

“O Ultimate Power of vengeance, God: O Ultimate Power of vengeance, make Yourself manifest!” This can be compared to a King who lost his way on the road. A villager helped the King guided the King back to his palace, but did not treat the King with adequate respect.  The King will not punish the villager because he saved the King. He will not honor the villager because he did not treat the King with respect. The King’s advisors suggested that the King show all his treasures to the villager so that he will understand the King’s greatness and will regret his disrespectful behavior.


The same is true of a sinner: God will make His Power manifest so that the sinner will understand and feel pained over how terrible was his behavior, and that pain will be his punishment; God’s vengeance. – Baal Shem Tov

Wednesday Psalm of the Day: We ask God to make Himself manifest, even if it may cause us pain, so that we will remember to not sin and treat Him with disrespect. We are half way between the previous Shabbat and the next, and we want to repair any damage we caused since the previos Shabbat and be adequately prepared for the coming Shabbat.

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