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Shema-Moses-Personification of Knowledge

The 7th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu: I heard from my master, the Baal Shem Tov, that the reason for the exile in Egypt was that the Jews lacked the knowledge and to realize and discern that there is one Creator, Who constantly renews the act of creation. Moses was the personification of Knowledge, and the miracles that he brought about publicly demonstrated that there is one Creator, who constantly renews all things.


The knowledge revealed through the Exodus was knowledge of a female nature. In the Messianic Age, however, male knowledge will be revealed. Regarding that Age, it is written, “Your own eyes shall behold your Master (Isaiah 30:20).” With your very own eyes, you will see that the letters of the Torah lessons you study and prayers you recite are actually universes of Splendor.

This is what our sages mean when they say, “Look at three things and you will not sin; an eye that sees, and an ear that hears (Avot 2:1).” When you realize what your eyes will see and what your ears will hear in the Ultimate Future, you will never sin. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Vayishlach)

Prayer-Shemah-Kavanah-iPray-iLove-Moshe“Enlighten our eyes in Your Torah.” We are requesting the vision that is promised to us in the Ultimate Future; One God, Creator, Who constantly renews all things, and the Universes of Splendor in each word of our study and prayer.

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