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Kinot-Links to Essays Related to Evening Kinot

The Foundation Stone has a complete commentary on the Kinot on our website and Blog – Click on the Kinot Tab on the bottom right. However, not all essays on Kinot are listed as such. Below are essays pertinent to Kinot:


Introduction to Kinot:

Blessings-Birchat haMazon-Kavanot for the Three Weeks – This is related to “The Futility of Our Words.”

The True Genius of the Jewish People,” related to “Poetic Souls.”

History As An Artichoke.”

Shared Journeys – Being There.”


Kinah 1:

Forms of Mourning-Misped & Sackcloth III – The Eventual Dance,”Forms of Mourning-Kinah-The Unheard Lament,” explaining how our mourning, even when the world seems relatively stable, helps us gain perspective.

The Root of a Decision.”

Tehillim Tools-The Three Weeks-119:39.”

Pirkei Avot-Three Weeks-Teachers.”

Reasons-Joyful Mourning.”

Spiritual Tools-Three Weeks-Sensitivity,” “Spiritual Tools-Honoring Intentions,” “The Price of Relationships,” on the theme of Sinat Chinam.

Chodesh Av-Connections,” on the theme of, “We were orphans, our mothers, like widows.”

Biblical Personalities-The Three Weeks-Moshe’s Empathy,” and “Tehillim Tools-Loving Others By Using Your Talents,” And “Hotline For The Displaced,” on Sinat Chinam, and,  “They distorted the judgment of the orphan and the widow.”

Spiritual Tools-Three Weeks-Torah Study,” related to, “The Crown of Our Head Has Fallen.”

Spiritual Tools-Three Weeks-Murder!”

Tolerating Being Loved,” connected to the penultimate verse: “For truly You have rejected us, bitterly raged against us (Lamentations 5:22).”

Kinah 3-Crying:

Forms of Mourning-Disconnected From My Light.”

Forms of Mourning-Fasting I – How We Eat.”

Forms of Mourning-The Eventual Dance

Forms of Mourning-Crying-Together.”

Forms of Mourning-Crying-Opening The Constraints.”

Forms of Mourning-Crying-A Directed Cry For Direction.”

Forms of Mourning-Lamenting With God.”

Kinah 4-Shomron & Yerushalayim:

The debate between Shomron & Yerushalayim are at the root of Sinat Chinam: “Spiritual Tools-Loving Others-As Wolves,” “Loving Others,” “Honoring the Mourners,”

Kinah 5: Concluding the Evening Kinot:

Becoming Illuminators,” related to: “And once more illuminate the populous city with the light of Your Splendor.”

Daniel-12:3-Inspiring Good.”

Fasting For the Eternal.”

Amidah-Kavanot-Three Weeks-Jerusalem.”

Demanding of God.”

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