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Kinot-Links to Essays Related to Day Kinot 6-14

The Foundation Stone has a complete commentary on the Kinot on our website and Blog – Click on the Kinot Tab on the bottom right. However, not all essays on Kinot are listed as such. Below are essays pertinent to Kinot:


Kinah 6:

Planning My Revenge.”

Clinging To The Past,” related to “The Enemy’s Percussion.”

Kinah 7:

The Four Questions of Tisha b’Av.”

Finding The Place to Pray,” related to, “The Assembly place You designated for Your followers.”

Three Weeks Of…”

Tehillim-137:2,” as related to, “Remember God what happened to us.”

Kinah 8:

Between Hope & Despair,”Abundance,” “Tehillim Tools-116:3,” “Possibility Gatherers,” related to, “Waiting to Die.”

Lacking Or Desire,” related to,  “My laments soar to Heaven.”

Kinah 9:

Pirkei Avot-Chodesh Av-Clarity.”

Growing Wings.”

Kinah 10:

Sitting on the Ground.”

An Extraordinary City.”

Damaged Diamond.”

True Wealth.”

Body Language,” related to the phrase, “And the song of the Ark bearers, silenced.”

Mishlei Tools-The Three Weeks-19:17-A Race With God.” “Catching The Moments of Truth, “ “Loving Others,” Even in tragedy we remained the Rose of Sharon.

Spiritual Tools-The Greatest Power One & Two.”

Kinah 11-Yoshiyahu:

The Measure of Righteousness.”

A Renewed Covenant.”

“Jeremiah-Historical Background V VI, VII.”

Countdown to Pesach 23.”


Kinah 12-My Tent

Psalm 27-Intensity.”

In God’s House.”

What We Have Accomplished.”

The Cosmic Effect.”

Succot-Sh’mini Atzeret-Water: Water & Creation.”

Kinah 13: Where is Your Love?:

Shema-Kavanot-Satisfied With Us.”

Amidah-Kavanot-Modim.” “Empowerment-Breslav.”

Prayer Tools-Breslav-Find Your Piety.”

Pesukei d’Zimrah-Kavanot for the Three Weeks-Ashrei” – Asking Ourselves

Elijah’s Vision,” Finding the “Koh”

Forms of Mourning-Kinah III-The Beginning and the End,” – “He looked this way and that.”

Kinah 14:

The Spectator & The Agent.”

Olat Shabbat-Responding To Tragedy.”

Travel to Alternative Universes- What If?”

Psalm 137-The Psalm of Exile I.”

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