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Kinot-Links to Essays Related to Day Kinot 15-50

The Foundation Stone has a complete commentary on the Kinot on our website and Blog – Click on the Kinot Tab on the bottom right. However, not all essays on Kinot are listed as such. Below are essays pertinent to Kinot:


Kinah 15:

The Music of Halacha-Kashering,” Experiencing God’s wrath as a form of Kashering.

Kinah 16

Tehillim Tools-The Three Weeks-108:11.”

Kohen & Navi Murdered: A recurring theme in Kinot

Shekalim-Historical Background I, II-Yehu Avenges Navot, III-AthaliahIV-Yehu’s FailureV-The Vineyard of Naboth.

Shekalim-Reading The Text I-God’s Message To Renew the Covenant, II-The Form of the Covenant, III-The Form of the Covenant II, IV-Step By Step, V-The Seeds of Destruction, VI, VII-A Limited Vision.

Biblical Personalities-Yoash

Kinah 17:

The Voice of Torah-Kinot.”

The Story of Bar Kochva In The Midrash.”

The Psalm of Exile I.”

Drops of Light II.”

Eating Habits,” – (See ‘Powdered Wife.’) – Eating without God at the table.

Kinah 18:

Tehillim Tools-Three Weeks-106:4-5.” Our response to “I will be exceedingly good to you.”

The Second Haftarah of Consolation-Confrontation.”


The Light In The Dark.”

Abraham the Builder,”A Chamber for the Shechinah,” “Reconnecting to the Heavenly Throne,” & “A Higher Vocabulary,” related to, “You are holy, enthroned by the praises of the holy.”

Kinah 19:

Mitzvah Planters.”

Jonah: Clarity and Confusion.”

Inspiring Good.”

Al Regel Achat-Double Comfort.”

A Life Without Shame.”

Kinah 21: The Ten Martyrs:

Mishlei Tools 11:30-Sources of Life.”

Kinah 22: Be Quiet, allow me to speak.

Hear Our Voices.”

Captions: Reading The Kinot.”

Kinah 25

Languages of Exile.”

The Music of Halacha-Kinah 25-Crying 1.”

The Music of Halacha-Kinah 25-Crying 2.”

My Eyes Are Dry.”

Kinah 26: Jeremiah’s Journey To The Patriarchs

The Long Walk.”

Kinah 27: Jeremiah’s Vision:


Kinah 31: Leaving Egypt-Leaving Jerusalem (Usually sung, alternating between joyous and sad tunes, concluding with a joyous song of hope.

Shall We Dance.”

Singing Through The Three Weeks.”

Conspicuous As Waves.”

Exile In Our Blood.”

Singing Despite.”

Travels in Exile.”

Doing Away With The Trappings III.”

Kinah 33: To Stir Elegy

Akeidat Yitzchak-Fasting Tools.”

Forms of Mourning-Serving A Purpose.”

The Maharam miRottenberg.”

Kinah 41: Inquire, consumed in fire:

Mayim Yechezkel-As A Sacrifice.”

Kinah 45: Keili Tzion

Lost Opportunities.”

Haftarah of Consolation 4.”

Mitzvah 138-Concept 398.”

Empty Spaces.”

As Dreamers.”

The Things I Miss.”

Kinah 46 is the same as Kinah 4-Evening Kinot

Holocaust Kinot-Kinot 47-50:

Our Weapon in the Battle of Good and Evil.”

Travels in Exile II.”

There Are Tears In Things.”

The Pieta and The Pear.”

A Dress For My Child.”

Learning Hope.”

Our Story.”

Strangers In The World.”

3 Stories From Simon Huberband.”

A Reading of Joel 2:12-14.”

A Movie Like No Other.”

Hitler’s Children.”

The Klausenberger Rebbe’s Faith.”

Isaac Katzenelson-The Song of The Murdered Jewish People.”

Under the Tattoo.”

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