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Prayer Skills-Hachodesh-Even HaShoham-Meditative Position Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Kavanot-iPray-HachodeshI was asked in response to “Hachodesh-Positioning Our Body,” if there were special prayers and mediations used when praying in the Pesach Offering position. I know of only the Even HaShoham offering such a meditation; one that is used only by people who have achieved great knowledge of Kabbalah and tremendous spiritual elevations:


There are individuals who copy the position of the Pesach Offering as described [in this week’s portion of Hachodesh], “Its head is on its knees, on its insides (Exodus 12:9).” They bend themselves like reeds, placing their heads between their knees until all their senses are nullified. As a result of their lack of sensation, they see the Supernal Lights, with true vision and not allegory.

If you wish to enter their into their mystery, contemplate the chambers we have discussed (You can find them with explanations in the Siddur Yedid Nefesh in the Blessings of Shema), together with their lights, colors, and letter combinations. Meditate on this for some time, either briefly or at length. Begin by placing your head between your knees (Sh’eirit Yosef, page 168a), and recite the following prayer:

Eh-yeh Asher Eh-yeh, Crown me (Keter)

Y-ah, grant me Wisdom (Chochmah)

E-lo-him Chaim, give me Understanding (Binah)

E-l, with the Right Hand of Love, make me expansive (Chesed)

E-lo-him, from the Awe of His Judgment, protect me (Gevurah)

Y-H-V-H, with His Compassion grant me Balance (Tiferet)

Y-H-V-H Tz-va’ot, guard me to live Eternally (Netzach)

E-lo-him Tz-va’ot, grant me Inner Shine and Glory from the Attribute of Splendor (Hod)

E-l Chai, make His covenant my Loyal Foundation (Yesod)

A-do-nai, open my lips and my mouth will speak Your praise (Malchut).

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