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  • Shema: Whose Voice 3

    There are times when we are praying when we don’t really feel that we are speaking as an accu...

  • Shema: 5: Whose Voice

    A famous Midrash tells us that Jacob, when he was on his deathbed, planned to reveal to his c...

Hallel: Hallelukah! Print E-mail

HallelThe final two letters of Hallelukah form one of the Names of God:
This Name represents God as the Creator of this world and the World to Come.

The letter “Yud” is the smallest letter and hints to the fact that a person only needs small merit in order to earn a place in the World To Come.
The letter “Hay” represents this world. It is open on the bottom, hinting to the ease with which we all can fall. However, there is an opening on the side, granting us access back into life when we return to God.
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