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Parsha Hound: Mishpatim Print E-mail

OxWhat are the two types of Eved Ivri – a Jewish slave who belongs to another Jew? What are the differences in their laws?

How many times does the Torah discuss the laws of murder? Why are they necessary?


How do the principles of Divine Providence apply to an accidental murder?

What are the five categories of liability of someone who hurts another person?

Can you find a hint to the definition of prayer in 21:22?

How does an ox that gores go from being a “safe” animal to being defined as a “danger”?

What are the differences in law between a person’s liabilities for damage caused to a person, or donkey, or dishes, that fall into a pit he dug?

How do we know that any parent who says that they “want to murder their kids” is lying?

What is the fine for stealing and then selling a chicken?

Why is it dangerous to hold a poor person’s blanket as security for a loan?

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