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Parsha Hound: Hachodesh Print E-mail

HachodeshAt what time of the day did God teach Moshe the laws of Hachodesh?


Why does

the verse command Moshe and Aharon to speak if only Moshe was to teach these laws?


On which day did Moshe speak to the people about these laws?

On which day were they to take the animals to prepare for the Pesach Offering?

What was the minimum each participant had to eat of the actual Pesach Offering?

Why is the afternoon described as, “between the evenings?”

On which doorways did they place the blood?

May I cook my Pesach Offering in wine? Water? Does it matter how much liquid?

How was the Pesach Offering cooked?

How long did the plague of the First Born last?

Which day must we remember: the day we offered the Pesach, or the day we left?

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