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Parsha Hound: Bo Print E-mail

What was God demanding of Pharaoh with the plague of locusts? (10:3)

How did God transform the bloody future Pharaoh foresaw for Israel? (10:10)


How did God end the locusts in a way that would prove He, and no other power, ended the plague? (10:19)

How was God concerned with Abraham’s claims? (11:2)

How do we know that Pharaoh was looking for absolutely any discrepancy in Moses’ words? (11:4)

Why were the first born of the prisoners killed?...of the maidservants?...animals? (11:5)

What was the most significant difference between Israel and Egypt during the plague of the First Born? (11:7)

How many wonders remained after the plague of Darkness? (11:9)

Why was Aaron included with Moses in the first commandment given to Israel as a nation? (12:1)

Until when could someone withdraw from a group’s Paschal Offering? (12:4)

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