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Parsha Hound: Bechukotai Print E-mail

BechukotaiWhat is considered, “Following My decrees?” What factors are considered in the blessing of rain? What is described as the highest blessing? What does the verse teach us about our increased strength when we are unified?

How will God, “Walk among us?”

How many categories of sin and punishment are listed in the Rebuke?

What are they?

What is the “Pride of Your Might?”

Where is there a hint to the curse of Adam in the Rebuke?

What is considered “behaving casually with God?”

How did the people treat the “carcasses of their idols?”

Where is does the Torah insert a hint of comfort into the Rebuke?

Why is Jacob’s name spelled with an extra “Vav”?

What is the “Erech” of a twenty-year-old woman? A forty-year-old man?

If I dedicated an animal as an offering and then discovered that I have a much more magnificent animal, may I switch them?

What is the process of redeeming my home if I consecrated it to be holy to God?

How can I redeem Ma’aser Sheni worth $100?
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