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Parsha Hound -Toledot Print E-mail

Parsha HoundTest your knowledge of this week’s Torah portion with Rashi: List three ways in which Isaac emulated his father.

What are three explanations for Isaac’s loss of vision?

  • How do we know that Esau did not trust his wives?
  • Who was more careful in fulfilling the commandment of honoring one’s parents, Jacob or Esau?
  • Where is a hint to this week’s portion in Birchat HaMazon, The Grace After Meals?
  • What are the two explanations offered by Rashi of Isaac’s great fear?
  • How can we learn from this portion that Chutzpah is effective?
  • How many times in this portion is Rebecca blessed with Divine Inspiration?
  • How long did Jacob tarry on his return from Laban to Isaac?


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