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Parsha Hound: Shelach Print E-mail

ShelachWhy does the Torah present the story of the Spies immediately after the story of Miriam’s words about Moshe? Why did Moshe add a letter to Hosea’s name? From where did he “get” the letter? Why did he not add similar letters to the names of all the spies?

Why did Moshe instruct the spies to look at the trees?

How many of the spies went to Hebron? Why?

How many of the spies carried produce back to the Children of Israel?

How did Calev silence the people?

How did Moshe convince God to not destroy the people?

What were the ten tests of God by the nation? Why are they called “tests”?

From when did God count the forty year sentence? At what age did the people die? When did the spies die? How?

Which libations were added after the sin of the Spies?

What is the process of atonement for public, unintentional idol worship? Why is it introduced in this week’s portion?

Why are the first two of the Ten Statements referred to as “The word of God?”

How do Tzitzit remind us of the commandments? Why is the color blue added?

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