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Parsha Hound
Parsha Hound: Eikev Print E-mail

EikevWhy does the Torah use the word “Heel” to describe how we listen to its commandments? What was different about the plague of Dever - plague? Which weapon was used for the Slaying of the First Born? How
Parsha Hound: Devarim - Tisha B'Av Print E-mail

DevarimWhy did Moshe insist that all of Israel be present for his final teachings? Why does the Torah stress, “Eleven days from Horeb?” (1:2) Why did Moshe feel secure in rebuking Israel after his victories over Sichon and Og? (1:4)
Parsha Hound: Korach Print E-mail

KorachWhat did Korach “take”? Why is Jacob’s name not included in Korach’s genealogy? Why did Moshe fall on his face, as if unable to pray for God’s help? Why did Moshe delay the confrontation to the next morning?
Parsha Hound: Shelach Print E-mail

ShelachWhy does the Torah present the story of the Spies immediately after the story of Miriam’s words about Moshe? Why did Moshe add a letter to Hosea’s name? From where did he “get” the letter? Why did he not
Parsha Hound: Behaalotecha Print E-mail

TrumpetsWhy were all the candles of the Menorah pointed inward toward the center candle? Why were the Children of Israel commanded to “Lean their hands upon the Levites?” At what age and until what age does a Levite begin
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