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What Is The Reason: Patterns in Prayer Print E-mail

Answer ManAbout twenty-five years ago, Rebbi gave a class on Patterns in Prayer, including the structure of l’Olam, Ata Hu Hashem Elokeinu, Abaye, the blessings of the Morning Shema, and the first two blessings of the Amidah. Can Rebbi please remind me as I can’t find them in any books? Z.C.


L’Olam: Based on the Five Chassadim:

l’Olam                                 l’Fichach                   Ata Hu Echad               Soul

  1. Except for the pure soul        Obliged to thank         Ata Hu Echad                Nefesh
  2. Members of Your covenant    Praise You                 Ata Hu Keil b’Olam        Ruach
  3. Children of Avraham              Glorify You                 v’Ata Hu, u’shnotecha   Neshama
  4. Offspring of Isaac                   Exalt You                   Sanctify Your Name       Chaya
  5. Community of Jacob              To offer...Your Name  Through Your Salvation  Yechidah

Ata Hu Hashem Elokeinu

One begins by saying; “I accept on myself the Mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem - Sanctification of God’s Name, and the Mitzvah of Yichud Hashem - Unification of God’s Name.”

We access both on Ten Levels corresponding to the Ten Sefirot:

“Let all who walk the earth recognize and know that:

  1. You are the Lord:
  2. Alone:
  3. Supreme over all kingdoms:
  4. You made the Heavens:
  5. The Earth:
  6. The Sea:
  7. All that is in them:
  8. Who among all Your handiwork:
  9. Those above:
  10. Those below:


There are fifteen steps in the service, corresponding to the 15 Shir haMa’alot - Songs of Ascension, and the 15 steps into the Temple Sanctuary.

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