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Rosh Hashanah Prayers: Hashem Melech Print E-mail

Rosh Hashanah"God is King. God was King. God will be King forever." Once I heard Rabbi Zweig's lecture on the Portion of the Week for the first time, I decided that I would make him my Rebbi.

The next morning I was waiting outside his home to walk him to Yeshiva. I had a list of questions ready. "What are you doing here so early." he asked. "I have some questions," I said, and began to ask. I immediately wrote down all his answers, and by the time he walked home for lunch, I had more questions ready, including some on his morning answers.

I waited outside his house until he was ready to return to Yeshiva. I used the time to write down his answers and prepare more questions.

This went on for more than two weeks until he felt obligated to invite me in to his home. His wife did not appreciate my incessant questions during the meals so we negotiated regular meals in exchange for some quiet time.

All this time, I was working at making Rabbi Zweig my Rebbi, but he was not yet.

It was two months later as we were learning in his study at 2am, when I came up with a “Rabbi Zweig” answer on my own, that he became my Rebbi. Our relationship changed.

What was interesting was that my long list of questions and his answers were no longer a record of my challenge to him, they became more precious as a record of my Rebbi's teachings. Our new relationship changed the past.

People often ask about the order of the key verse of Hashem Melech; should it not begin with God was King, then move to the present and then the future? Why.does it begin in the current then switch to the past and then leap to the future?

Our Rosh Hashanah experience of God as King, can change the past. We look back through the lens of this new awareness of God Is King and see His Royal Hand in the  past.
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