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Chanukah: The Light Higher Than the Soul Print E-mail

Hannukah-Higher-Than-the-SoulThere is a Light that is higher than man's soul. This is the Light of the Infinite. Even though human intellect cannot reach it, man's thoughts still pursue it.


When you pursue this Light, you can reach it, “touching, yet not touching (Zohar I:65a).” Since it is higher than man's soul, it is actually impossible to reach it completely.

This, however, is the goal of all knowledge of God. The point of all such knowledge is to realize that you are truly ignorant (Keter Shem Tov 29).

This is the meaning of the verse, “He will satisfy your soul with Splendor (Isaiah 58:11).”

The Lights known as Splendors are even higher than the Emendations, which are the highest things we can grasp. Still, these Splendors satisfy the soul. This is true even though they are unreachable and unknowable, and the human intellect cannot actually comprehend them.

Happy is the person who is worthy of striving in his thoughts to grasp these things. (Likkutei Moharan 24:1, 8)

Hannukah-Spiritual_tools-KavanotApplication: Have the following Kavanah in mind when lighting the Hanukkah candles: “I light these candles with the intention of striving to grasp the Highest Lights known as Splendors.” Concentrate on the verse: “He will satisfy your soul with Splendor (Isaiah 58:11).”

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