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i-Grow-Spiritual Tools-Three Weeks-Sensitivity הדפסה דוא
נכתב ע"י Machberes Avodas Hashem   

Three-Weeks-Churban-Mourning-TempleAt the wedding of his grandson, many rabbis delivered orations, but the Chafetz Chaim remained silent. He later explained, “When I wish to speak, I gather together my own audience who wish me to be the sole speaker. But I do not care to speak in a company. If my speaking is appreciated more than any other's, this person feels as if I had robbed him of his honor (Michtevei haRav Chafetz Chaim, page II, Page 30)."


During the Three Weeks when we mourn the destruction of the Second Temple that was destroyed because of our hatred for one another, it is wise to practice the level of sensitivity demonstrated by the Chafetz Chaim, and be certain that we pay attention to all the feelings of those around us.

If many people are participating in a conversation, pause before speaking and consider whether your words will lead to someone else remaining unheard, and hurting his feelings. When speaking with a child it is important to always remember that despite the fact that we must educate the child, it is important that the child feel that he is heard. We must repair the sin of hatred not only in our dealings with others, but especially so with those close to us.

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